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We are providing the best home cleaning services in Bangalore with the most rated and trusted. A clean home is a safe home. It helps you to stay healthy and creates a positive impression about you on your guests as well. Due to the busy life in Bangalore, the routine cleaning and maintenance of your home become a hassle.
Ennar specializes in the best home cleaning services in Bangalore. While you focus on your other priorities, leave the cleaning in the hands of trusted Ennar professionals to comprehensively clean every corner of your home. Our professional and trustworthy staff cleans your home and make sure your place is always sparkling clean.


Our home cleaning maid services are professional and trustworthy. They deliver quality work. You can entrust our staff as:

* They are thoroughly assessed during the hiring process and undergo training by our BICSc (British Institute of Cleaning Science) qualified manager to become fully competent in different methods of cleaning services.
* We do an extensive background checks on every Ennar staff.
* Trained to follow all the SOPs (standard operating procedures) necessary for house cleaning services.

Having residential cleaning services by Ennar helps you in saving time and peace of mind. Let our professional staff do the cleaning for you, while you utilize your time to do something more productive or just relax. You can spend more time with your friends and family, without having to worry about cleaning your home or even doing your laundry.


For home cleaning, we provide 2 options: with materials and without materials. Without materials, our well trained staff will be using the client’s materials to clean their home. With materials (for an additional charge), our well trained staff will be using our own materials and cleaning equipment which are the same materials and equipment that we use when providing cleaning services to our 5 star hotel clients. For both options, expect our staff to provide day-to-day cleaning professionally and feel the difference! Services include but not limited to:

* Floor sweeping & mopping
* Dusting
* Bathroom cleaning
* Kitchen cleaning
* Dishwashing
* Clothes folding

* Same as without materials + suppliers cleaning materials & vacuum cleaner.
As a Bangalore Municipality registered service provider for Covid-19 sanitization, we also provide home sanitization services.