Tank Cleaning

Ennar provides the best water tank cleaning services in Bangalore in a timely, cost-effective, hygienic. We offer our professional and certified services for all types of tanks whether conventional or contemporary or made of any material like plastic, concrete, etc. Our water tank cleaning are optimized to minimize downtime and maintain the highest environmental and health standards. Our staff is highly professional and trustworthy to provide the best tank cleaning services keeping in mind the safety and environmental aspects of the work.


Are you aware that consuming contaminated water poses many health risks and deteriorates your home plumbing and appliances in the long run?

That is why we took pride in introducing the mechanized, HI-TECH Water Tank Cleaning system for the first time in Erode. We make the most of mechanized solutions to deliver fast and clean water tanks in a short period of time. The 5 Step cleaning process ensures the removal of sludge that’s built up for years. Our disinfection measures keep the tanks clean and sterile for a long time.

Why Us

  • Mechanized cleaning with latest Machinery
  • 6 Stage cleaning process including UVC Treatment
  • Trained professionals for faster and effective service
  • Both underground and overhead water tank cleaning

We train our personnel to handle the equipment safely and to deliver unparalleled service even for the most-challenging infrastructures. We offer a water tank cleaning service for tanks of a minimum of 500 Litres capacity.

We also have further plans to come up with much more innovative ideas in providing the best and exclusive services at one place that the nation would truly need. We follow the policy of Go Green, Think Green, and Act Green to enhance the quality of our living and to support the future generation with a healthy lifestyle.

Our 5 Step Cleaning Process

Mechanized Dewatering
Sludge Removal
High Pressure Cleaning
Anti Bacterial Spray